Dr. Frangopol, what is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a technique of removing some tissue in order to examine it under a microscope. At The Institute Of Dentistry, most biopsies are done by administering some local anesthetic and then removing a segment of tissue with a scalpel. The reason for a biopsy is the appearance of any lesion or entity that is not normal.

Many conditions that affect the skin, for example, psoriasis, can also affect the mouth. Without a biopsy, I cannot be certain of the diagnosis. Sometimes at The Institute Of Dentistry we see patches on the tongue or lip that become rather thick and white, or parts of the skin of the mouth (mucous membrane) can break away, leaving raw and painful areas.

In order to determine the exact nature of the condition, a biopsy is necessary. Once the diagnosis is made, the appropriate therapy is administered.

Sometimes I feel a biopsy is necessary because a small lump appears on the lips, cheeks, or tongue. It can be a nuisance in that it may cause concern or it may be traumatized by inadvertently being chewed on. At The Institute Of Dentistry in Riverside, we often see children (and adults) have a habit of chewing their lips and this can traumatize the small salivary glands in those areas. The glands can swell and form mucoceles.

Mucoceles are areas of saliva ballooning up in the tissues after the duct has been partially obstructed. They usually are a painless, blue-domed, raised structure that almost always appears in the lower lip. At The Institute Of Dentistry we often eliminate them by performing a biopsy.

Just as in the rest of the body, any lump, ulcer, sore or odd-appearing tissue should be biopsied it if is still present two weeks after whatever is thought to have caused it is removed.

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